Thailand-Asia Pacific Entrepreneurs Association (T-APEACC) Inauguration Ceremony

The Thailand-Asia Pacific Entrepreneur Associate Chamber of Commerce (T-APEACC) inauguration ceremony is at
this commemorative historical moment, witnessed by the Minister of the Royal Thai Embassy Karmattenstein and Ambassador Chongti , APEACC Asia Pacific Entrepreneur Associate Chamber of Commerce (T-APEACC) officially established the “Thailand-Asia Pacific Entrepreneur Associate Chamber of Commerce” on May 11, 2019 at the 28th high building of the famous Pacific City Heritage Club in Bangkok. Thailand – Asia Pacific Entrepreneur Associate Chamber of Commerce (T-APEACC ).



The establishment of the Thailand-Asia Pacific Entrepreneurs General Chamber of Commerce fully demonstrates that our Asia Pacific Entrepreneurs General Chamber of Commerce attaches great importance to and confidence in the Thai government and various departments. It has also received the heartfelt support and recognition of Thai politicians and enterprises, and it also marks the Asia-Pacific enterprise. The United General Chamber of Commerce has taken new steps of cooperation and self-development in various fields, and has taken another gratifying step forward in building a harmonious society and establishing entrepreneurial relationships.


The Asia Pacific Chamber of Commerce of Entrepreneurs is recognized by the UN Economic and Social Council and is mainly to assist the UN General Assembly in promoting international economic and social cooperation and development. Yang Weiqi, president of the Asia-Pacific Entrepreneurs General Chamber of Commerce, hopes that the Thai Asia-Pacific Entrepreneurs Chamber of Commerce will live up to expectations, take on the important task, condense the power of many enterprises in Thailand and the Asia-Pacific region, and prosper the economy, and actively advise the Thai government and relevant departments to share their concerns and solve problems. , Actively play to the functions and roles of the Chamber of Commerce and make contributions to Thai entrepreneurs!


Mr. Attasith Damrongrat, the first president of T-APEACC Thailand Asia Pacific Entrepreneurs Association, said in a speech that Thailand, one of the ASEAN countries, plays an important role as a bridge for foreign companies to invest in Southeast Asian countries. By understanding the existence of the APEACC development model, I hope to have more opportunities to interact with representatives of various countries’ organizations in the future. Learn about APEACC’s excellent platform and seek business opportunities from it to improve the productivity and competitiveness of countries from Thailand to Asia-Pacific countries. He also called on entrepreneurs from various countries to use the APEACC economic platform model as the best bridge to develop business in the Asia-Pacific region.

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